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Question -
Followup To
Question -
Im 16 and weigh 220lbs (6'1")
Ive been trying to diet all summer but never did and right when i say im going to then school starts. ive been wanting ot loose weight for a couple years. i want to so bad and that my motovation but i can never get myself do do it. i dont eat snack foods most the time and talk myself to not eat pop and play sports and stuff with my friends but i NEVER LOOSE WEIGHT! not a pound, if anyhting ill gain some. Finally today i stay home sick and go weigh myself and it says 112! and i was freaking out so i go to work and have to pieces of pizza and 20fl oz of water and come back home and way myself and im back to 220! ive read about water weight and im sure that had somthing to do about it but i if i would really way 212 and could loose 8lbs i think that would be so much motavation for me that i would work out SO hard. i dont know what to do and im getting ready to give up. I doubt finding this answer out will be any good sense i get loose weight but what would be the normal time you think it would take a kid my age and height to go from 220 to 200?
Thanks a lot for your time and liesting to me, i think after i hear from an expert ill know for sure if i should give up or somehow keep trying
Thanks again

Answer -
Jon, I'll help you and support you every step of the way, but the first thing you HAVE to do is get rid of your scale. Not just stop using it, but get it OUT of your house. If you can't do that (if it's used by your family), then at least ask for THEIR support and have it put somewhere you can't easily get to and will never see it.
----- The scale IS the enemy -----  It doesn't know if it's weighing 5 lbs of nails or 5 lbs of feathers (go ahead, picture it - they are very different right? But to the scale, 5 lbs is 5 lbs)

When you eat reasonably and work out and then see a GAIN, you might be seeing a muscle increase! Muscle weighs more than fat (it's the 5 lbs of nails compared to 5 lbs of feathers/fat, get it?). Once you see extra weight, you think it's bad and you quit. So get the scale out of your life for now.

The ONLY other thing you need to do is STOP dieting. STOP STOP STOP!  

Tomorrow morning you need to have breakfast. No cereal bars, no drinks/shakes, no gimmicks - you need a bowl of cereal, a piece of fruit, even toast if you like it.
 You need something between breakfast and lunch, preferably another piece of fruit or crackers with peanut butter, etc..
 You need LUNCH and then a mid-day snack and then DINNER. You need to have what you LIKE. If you want pizza, you can have it. Just order it with half the usual cheese and choose plain or 'veggie' (no meat).
 If you like ice cream, chocolate or cola, HAVE IT. No diet products (yes, I'm serious). While it's fine to choose low fat ice cream (or even non fat, no sugar added), when it comes to sodas, enjoy the real thing. But you only get one or two a day. Make it last. Make it good!

Go to my site and get your eating plan. This is not a diet because nothing is really off limits as long as you get what you're SUPPOSED to get first (you MUST have breakfast, no wiggle room here!). Click "Really Lose The Weight"

There's nothing for sale, no promotions and no signing in.


  You can write to me from there (or here) any time!

im barley staying at the weight im at, if i start that how will i loose any? if i could just loose 20lbs i woulnt be so selfconsious about talking in front of my class or dressing in a tight shirt....i were to go run i would come back home thinking i would have to do that 100times to loose 1lbs and i dont know. life would be easier  mngvnfd,ahsdf.olsae.lfS!

Answer -
If you eat too little, the body has a biologically imprinted response to starvation and that's to slow the metabolism down by burning muscle, bone and organ tissue before burning fat. THIS is probably why it seems that nothing you do works. Believe me, I know first hand. I spent more than 30 years trying to lose weight. When I stopped dieting and started eating the RIGHT things first and having ALL the things I thought I couldn't...it took less than 6 months to lose all the weight I ever needed to lose! And it's stayed off for more than FIVE years now. No more diets!
I know it sounds wrong, but once your body realizes it's not starving, there is no famine - that you're getting regular food at regular intervals - it will start functioning the way it wants to - burning FAT first!
As for needing to run and work out so much? Nope. Not true either.
Once you start eating right and regularly, all you need to do is increase activity by as little as a 15 minute brisk walk a couple times a day - and for a young man, some weight resistent work for muscle development. You could lift homemade weights (gallon jugs filled with sand or water to half way or whatever is right for you) - you could volunteer at jobs for the environment, animal care facilities, etc. (my site offers a volunteer search for YOUR specific area and whatever you're interested in).
The volunteer stuff will also help your self-esteem, introduce you to new people (you never know what kind of connection you might make!) and it's usually pretty educational. Some 16 year olds who started volunteering at some places ended up OWNING those places, managing them or with other great positions after school was over.
 Look to examples of the greatest men in history - pick ANY one of so many - and what do you recall? Not their size, but their deeds. A man is much more than his weight; a woman is more than her size.
Walk with your head up and be proud of YOU, not self conscious. Be nice to people and forgive those who feel so bad about themselves that they need to belittle others. They'll be working for you someday. : )
 I know, I promise - what it's like to be 16 and larger than life.  I know how awful other 'kids' can be. Only with age do we learn how pityful THEY are and how much more confident we should have been. How little anyone else's opinion really matters.
 By the way - the higher the muscle mass in your body, the higher the metabolism (it takes more to energy/calorie burning to maintain muscle than fat) - so you could be losing weight while watching t.v.!  
 Just try it huh? I mean, a month is going to pass whether you do or not right? Why not give it a shot and see where you are in a month?

Alright thanks alot for your help. like i said befor i weigh 220lbs. so im not HUGE but i have a gut and i lift a little weights but dont have to much muscle mass....just by that is there anyway you can give me an estimate of if i start working out like you said and gain some muscle how long do you think it would take me to get from 220 to 200?

Thanks again!


Well, again, you're talking about numbers. You could STAY at 220 and be two or more sizes SMALLER because you've replaced the fat with muscle (which takes up LESS space even though it weighs more). Remember, 5 lbs of nails on a scale right?  That's a little bag of nails. Now, imagine 5 lbs of feathers. That's more than two bed pillows! Obviously, 5 lbs isn't "the same". You see?
 Still, I would imagine that you'd actually lose some weight if you followed a healthier and more regular eating plan and just stepped up activity by two 15 minute brisk walks a day (is that easy enough?)...in just one to two months...you'll see!
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