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what to make sure to get enough of?

8/17 9:19:37

Hi there!

I have a very very busy schedule and Im not much of an eater so I end up eating quite little (my weight is fairly healthy though for my short height- im not underweight).   So since I eat very little AND I'm a vegetarian...can you recommend what foods I should get enough of for brain power?  I mean most of the work I do involves using my intelligence (focusing on reading and writing and speaking alot) since I am studying for a masters and working as a teacher as well.  

Please let me know what I need to make sure I eat enough of so that I can concentrate alot and so my brain does not to give up on me!



What a great start to a new life's pattern of eating (I hope!). Many so-called vegetarians (I was one of them) think that because they eat mostly pasta, rice, breads and some fruit and vegetables, it's "healthy". When I found out that REAL vegetarians eat MOSTLY fruit, vegetables, legumes and some nuts, tremendous amounts of whole grains and actually very LITTLE pasta, rice, breads...well, that explained it (why I was still overweight and felt so sluggish).

 Vegetarians (as opposed to vegans) still eat fish, some dairy and eggs or egg product. The fish is important, making it salmon or tuna, or some other high omega (fatty) fish (it's not "bad fat"!). Just two to three times a week and you'll see (and feel!) a difference in yourself.
 The whole grains will make such a difference you'll wonder how you lived to now without them!

Go to my site and look into "Really Lose The Weight" for an outline of what you SHOULD be eating and how you should be eating regularly.
There's also vegetarian information AND countless recipes .

It's all free...no promotions, no products, no signing in, no ulterior motives.  It's ALL free and honest.

Let me know how you do. You can write me direct from there, or right here.


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