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whole grain?

8/17 9:19:35

General Mills is advertising their cereals as whole grain. I stopped eating cereal, even drinking fat-free milk to loose weight. I am starting to read that milk is recommended for your diet, even the Fed Gov. food chart told me to drink milk. Is "whole grain" cereals a good idea, or just a advertising come-on, i.e. they are not "whole wheat..."

I have 24% bodyfat, I want to - eventually - get down to 3%. I do the weightlifting (lots of sets, low weights) and aerobics every other day, opposite the days I do the weightlifting,  but the more I exercise, the bulkier (muscular) I get. I do not want that, I want medium build with low body fat.

Thanks for the help.

Hello Thomas!

  Thank you for your nutrition question.  In a move to regain the respect of breakfast eaters, General Mills changed their cereals to "whole wheat" however, many still contain added sugars, preservaties and colors.  Cheerios would probably be the healthiest cereal of their entire line due to the fiber content.
  Since you don't want bulky muscles you probably need to tone more. There are so many exercises to choose from which can help tone all areas of the body, from leg exercises to chest exercises. However its quite possible to tone the whole body by just performing 3 basic exercises. Toning the body with fewer exercises means more time could be spend burning fat. Also, on some days if time is limited a quick body workout would be better than no workout at all!

As muscles are toned they actually build up slightly as more protein is packed into the myofibril part of the cell to make the cell more dense, this is how the muscle becomes firm. Toning the body is best achieved by performing basic muscle building exercises. The best exercises to tone the body quickly are squats, bench presses and chin ups (a rowing movement can be just as effective as chins) performed together in the same workout. These are anaerobic exercises that burn predominantly carbohydrates for fuel but they stress numerous different muscles groups at the same time.

Squats mainly stress the quadriceps (thighs), lower back and the buttocks, they also place secondary stress on the hamstrings, carves, back and abdomen areas. Bench presses stress the chest, triceps, shoulders and chin ups stress the upper back, biceps and forearms. Three exercises to help tone the whole body which all could be completed within 20 minutes. These 3 exercises are so effective that they will tone the body within weeks providing each workout has no other exercises and the resistance used is gradually increased.

After toning the whole body it would be great to lose all excess fat to enable your newly toned muscles to show through. The best way to lose excess fat around the abs and other areas is to do plenty of aerobic work. Aerobics burns a higher percentage of fat but this form of exercise doesn't burn a lot of total calories so it will take time.

There is also a great supplement on my website http://www.juiceblend.com that can help you burn fat more efficiently.  It contains the nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables.  Why not give it a try for 4 months and see the difference.  The name of the product is Juice Plus.

-George Rapitis, Nutritionist
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