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Specific weight loss

8/17 9:19:34

I am a 24 year old female who has gained at least 10 pounds within a year from lack of exercise (sitting all day in college)and poor eating habits. I work evenings waitressing and eat healthy but cannot lose the weight. I heard that people should eat different foods at different times of the day specific to your body type and routine. I have gained weight mostly in the abdomen, hips and thighs. Any answers for me on when to eat carbs and when to exercise etc.? Thanks.

What you've heard is just another diet industry sales tactic. There is (or was) a book to buy, a plan to pay for or a program that would cost you "only"....
When the diet industry, which is now making more than $40 BILLION per year while we all get fatter and fatter (hmmm?), picks up on actual medical information, they twist it and turn it and exploit people endlessly and shamelessly.
--- Did you know the dairy industry PAID for those reports about dairy helping to lose weight?----- Did you know that ALL subsequent studies by non dairy involved scientists and medical professionals have found NO significant increase in weight loss with dairy?  The FDA is reportedly pulling those commercials and ads soon (if not already), at least not letting them say that dairy contributes to either weight loss or smaller waists.
  Well, the low fat diets were also a lie, the low carb stuff is even worse and anything or anyone that insists you can body sculpt either by exercise or diet is sadly misinformed - or trying to put something over on you.

There are no special "blood type" diets, no diets for your birth sign, or hair color (yup, it was an actual diet and sales pitch!) and no special diet for your body type.

We are human. We are biological animals. Our body functions just like any other animal (and that's why there's all those rats in labs and monkeys in research).

Eat like we are supposed to eat - during the day. Whole grains, lots of fruits, legumes, some nuts, even some FAT and sugar. That means NO diets. NO NO NO.
Seriously. I've done it. Quit dieting and lost ALL the weight I ever needed to lose (and it's stayed off !).

Check my site (it's really FREE). Nothing for sale, no promotions, no signing in and no ulterior motives.
Look at "Really Lose The Weight" for an eating outline of foods.  It's a freedom you can't imagine.


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