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fad diet-atkins

8/17 9:19:13

Since your expertise was in the field of cholesterol and lipids, I thought I'd ask you a question regarding Atkins.  I know that Atkins is known to be a very unhealthy diet and you are supposed to gain back weight after you start to eat carbs again.  If so, why is this still such a popular diet?


The basic and broad theory behind the Atkins diet is partly true.  People tend to eat too many (simple) carbohydrates.  One big problem with Atkins is that is does not make enough distinction between simple carbs (sugars, candy, cookies, cakes, processed grains, soda pop, fruit juice and alcohol) and complex carbs (whole grain, high fiber, low sugar foods).

Why is this still such a popular diet?
The answer is easy.  1) The book is written by a doctor.  2) The gimmick of the book is presented as a simple and  plausible theory.  3)  People want to believe that it works.  4)  There is a sucker born every minute.

Best wishes.

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