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loose skin after weight loss

8/17 9:18:30

I used to weigh about 230 lbs, i started a healthier diet and exercise, but now that i lost about 100 lbs i can't seem to get rid of the loose skin i've tried lotions that are skin firming and i need help.

Unfortunately, lotions promising skin 'firming' aren't worth the price of the plastic they come in. They work using an antihistamine and caffeine type of topical treatment that "may" cause temporary tautness of skin and give the "appearance" of firming. The smallest print usually explains this is in the opinion of users. The percentage of firming can be as little as 1 %, as long as they think they saw some firming, it counts. The bottom line? It's a well worded scam.

Other than surgery, the ONLY way to firm skin is to firm the muscles beneath it. Some significant weight losses, such as yours, may not respond to time+diet+exercise which works for most. If you're over a certain age (40 or so) and depending on heredity, skin elasticity varies (diminishing with age).

I can tell you personally that it took well over two years for mine to finally catch up to the smaller me underneath and I attribute a lot of this to swimming/water exercise. It could be anything though, walking is simple enough and works.

You might want to talk about this with a physician. If the proper health and/or psychological challenges are cited and he/she works with you, it may be covered by medical insurance.  
Asking for names of reconstructive surgeons who do this pro bono (free) or at a reduction may result in help.

By the way - CONGRATULATIONS on your tremendous accomplishment and I trust you'll have continued success! You've done a remarkable thing!

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