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Hello! Could you give me some...

8/17 9:18:29

Hello! Could you give me some advice as to how to control blood pressure through diet and exercise? I had a doctor visit today with blood pressure that was borderline high. I know to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables; try to limit sodium intake; have started eating oatmeal and adding  more beans to our meals.... I'm looking for any other advice as to what I could be doing to avoid needing medication, and to hopefully begin lowering my blood pressure quickly. In the past, I have been fit and average weight, but feel I could still benefit from advice. Thanks! - Michelle

Hi Michelle,

The DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension)has been shown to effectively lower blood pressure.

You can get information about DASH here:


or use the following URL to go directly to a PDF document with complete diet guidelines:


There is another good (but briefer) outline of the DASH diet here:


Also, remember that regular physical activity can help keep your blood pressure within a healthy range, so make sure you are doing something active every day!

Hope that helps!


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