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Hello Sir,I am 26 years...

8/17 9:18:19

Hello Sir,

I am 26 years of age and would like to know the strength (in mg) of certain vitamins and minerals that is recommended daily.
I take Centrum daily, but I'm not too sure if it has sufficient amounts of certain vitamins. For instance, 60mg of Vitamin C and 30IU Vitamin E.
Please advise.

Thank You.

Hello Jascha!

   Thank you for your nutrition question.  I really don't recommend vitamins such as Centrium because they are better products out there such as Juice Plus. Have you checked out my website at wwww.juiceblend.com ?  Juice Plus contains the nutrients from 17 fruits and vegetables.  It is "whole" food nutrition which is absorbed by your body more readily.  Why not give it a try for 4 months and see the results?

-George Rapitis, Bsc. Nutritionist
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