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Minimal Caloric Intake

8/17 9:17:38

My girlfriend has always been petite (about 120 lbs at 5'8") but is trying to lose some unwanted fat around her thighs and obliques.  She's actually an aspiring model and thinks that she's got to lose about 15 pounds to get more exposure.  I can assure you that she doesn't have any self-esteem/mental issues, nor does she have any eating disorders.
She has recently started a diet that aims to keep her daily caloric intake around 600.  If she exercises, she allocates 100-200 more calories than on the days she doesn't exercise.  The thing is it seems like she's eating more food than she ever has, she just stays very conscious of the calories (she shops well).  However, I'm still worried that she's putting her body through a "starvation state" and although she's started seeing the results she wants, I'm not sure if it's entirely healthy.  Wondering if you could shed some light on the subject.

Eating that few calories can be VERY dangerous.  And at 5'8" and 120 pounds she is already considered underweight.  I wouldn't worry about the "starvation mode" and not getting results and much as I would worry about her health.  That is not enough calories to survive on and she will be starving her body of needed nutrients.  That could have some dangerous side effects and I highly recommend she take another look at what she is doing to herself and her health!!  No job is worth your health.  I would suggest she see a dietitian.  Someone eating that few calories and trying to lose weight when they already are underweight can be showing signs of an eating disorder even though YOU may not realize it.  Again, I suggest she meet with a dietitian and let a professional help her to get where she wants to be but in a healthy manner!!  You can find a dietitian in your area by going to www.eatright.org.
Kim Tessmer, RD LD
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