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Whats a better diet for gaining mucsle weight?

8/17 9:17:07

hey.I'm a 16yr. old male weighing 165lbs of muscle at 5'8 . My diet: A big bowl of cereal for breakfast(480 calories without milk)& 2 GNC's mega men sport vitamins . Monday, wedsneday, friday I have 4 chicken tenders w/ cookies for lunch & a dorito pie on tues & thurs(Since they don't have chicken tenders those days). 3 Turkey colecuts & 2 slices of bread, a bagel, & an apple for an after school snack. Then dinner(which is random) & a cinnamon roll before I go to bed. And still not seeing much more mass. What changes can I add to my diet in order to see more mass?

Hello Jared!

   Thank you for your nutrition question.  The following tips should help you to gain more muscle mass through diet and exercise.

1. Eat consistently. Every day, have three hearty meals plus one to three additional snacks. Do NOT skip meals! You'll miss out on important calories that you need to accomplish your goals.
2. Eat larger than normal portions. Instead of having one sandwich for lunch, have two. Eat three potatoes at dinner, instead of only two. Have a taller glass of milk, bigger bowl of cereal, larger piece of fruit.
3. Select higher calorie foods. Read food labels to determine which foods have more calories than an equally enjoyable counterpart. For example, cran-apple juice has more calories than does orange juice (170 vs 110 calories/8 ounces); granola has more calories than Cheerios (700 vs 100 calories/cup); corn more than green beans (140 vs 40 calories/cup).
4. Drink lots of juice and milk. Beverages are a simple way to increase your caloric intake. Instead of drinking water, quench your thirst with calorie-containing fluids. One high school soccer player gained 13 pounds over the summer by simply adding six glasses of cranapple juice (1,000 calories) to his standard daily diet. A baseball player made a weight gain drink by mixing 1 quart of 2%-milk with 4 packets of Instant Breakfast and 1/2 cup of powdered milk (1,000 calories total). He mixed it in the blender each morning, drink half at breakfast and the rest before bed.
5. Do strengthening exercises (weight lifting, push-ups) to stimulate muscular development so that you bulk-up instead of fatten up. Some underweight people are afraid exercise will result in weight loss rather than weight gain. If that's your case, remember that exercise tends to stimulate the appetite; you'll want to eat more. (Yes, exercise may temporarily "kill" your appetite right after a hard workout, but within a few hours, you'll get hungry.) Exercise also increases thirst; you'll easily be able to drink extra juices.
By following these rules, you should see progress.

For more answers to your nutrition questions check out "Ask the Nutritionists" by George Rapitis at www.authorhouse.com

-George Rapitis, Bsc. Nutritionist
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