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heathly weight

8/17 9:17:02

I'm 41 5 foot and weigh 106,i have been deiting for a couples of months.My starting weight was 119.My question is what is a heathly weight for me.I'm tired all the time.I haven't been eating right in thelast couple of weeks.I also exercise at least 3 times a week 30-40 minutes.Am I over doing it.

I am not sure WHAT you are eating and what you mean by "haven't been eating right" BUT that may be the reason you are tired all the time!!  To lose weight you need to make permanent lifestyle changes and that means eating healthy NOT starving yourself.  If you want to KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF you need to make changes you can live with for life and dieting by not eating right is not something you can live with or should live with!!  Your exercise sounds good and in fact more than 3 times a week ALONG with a healthier diet is the way to go!
At 5', anywhere from 102 - 127 is a healthy weight depending on your age, frame size, etc...  So at 106 you are definitely at a healthy weight.  You have to make sure you are at a weight that you feel good at so maybe that weight is too low for you.  There is no ONE weight that everyone that is 5' should be at!  You are just looking for a healthy range and a weight that is realistic for you.  If you have to not eat right or starve yourself to stay at that weight, than it isn't a good weight for you!
Kim Tessmer, RD LD

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