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I sometimes crave for sweets...

8/17 9:17:02

I sometimes crave for sweets although I try to stay away from them for the most part.
However, in the event of a sugar craving, what dessert(s) might you recommend that are not packed with too many carbs and low in fat as well?

Please advise.

There really isn't anything wrong with carbs, so don't buy into the pitches and media.
What do you LIKE when you crave something sweet? It's probably perfectly ok to have whatever it is. AND you can still lose weight or maintain weight, whatever you're hoping for.  If you're willing to give what you like up altogether, why not just give it up 'partially'? It's funny, but people don't always think about this and that's why so many diets (nearly 100% of them) fail and end up backfiring with a 20% extra weight gain.

So, the question is, what do you LIKE?  Ice cream? Can you trust yourself to scoop out just ONE scoop? If not, then don't have it in the house, but go out for it. Order the 'smaller than child size' option (most places actually have this size and it's what you really should be having as a serving rather than what we've come to accept as a serving).
Candy bars? Give yourself one regular sized bar to last the day. Have it all at once or cut into slices (believe me, this works).
It's just a matter of getting used to smaller portions rather than feeling deprived from giving things up!

Take a look at my (FREE) site for more info about those low carb diets and all those other so-called facts.
We sell nothing, promote nothing and have nothing to gain by telling the truth.


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