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stomache area large

8/17 9:16:58

i am a 45 year old single mom of 1, 13 yr old daughter

i am on the treadmill for 2.75 miles 5 days a week
(my goal is 5 miles a day)
I have worked up to that for about 6 months

i eat very well.....no donuts, cake, candy or chips or colas
i do eat larger portions but they are not of bad food

i use my little 5 pound hand weights to strengthen my arms

I have been exercising for a long time now
but seem to have much difficulty in loosing that extra in the middle area
i have heard that having that extra in the middle area is very bad for your health.
can you comment.....

is there anything else i can do at home to help me in the middle area....sit ups are very hard on my back
thank you very much

Treadmills are awfully boring aren't they? I think they have their place if you want to get your cardio workout on them for 15-20 minutes a day, but your best work out equipment is a comfortable pair of shoes and a pedometer!

Put the pedometer on every morning and when you get ready to turn in for the night, take a look. If you're getting 10,000 steps a day, GREAT! You are making extra efforts to move throughout the day, parking as far from entrances as you can, taking extra trips and whatever you have to do. And forget 2.75 miles, 10,000 steps a day is about 4 miles! Remarkably easy too.

As for your middle, you need to work with heredity. If the women in your family tend to carry weight in the middle, nothing you're going to do (despite what ads may claim) will give you the proverbial 6-pack. Still, with some attention to posture as you increase your walking throughout the day, you're toning muscle. You can see results in as little as a week doing this.
If you have back problems, you might want to invest in a waist cincher (it fits around the waist and hooks up the front like a bra). I am NOT promoting this or any item, but they've helped some women correct posture errors and remind them to keep stomach pulled in. NOT sucked in. Do not hold your breath - actually pull in using your ab muscles and still breath deeply and normally.
When you sit, sit tall and stay aware of the ab muscles.

It's actually a kind of isometrics, but it works GREAT.

I've got eating options at my site - no sales, no signing in, no scams.  

www.GetTheReal.info   Let me know how you do!

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