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A little extra chub

8/17 9:16:33

I am a 15 year old girl who just lost about 50 pounds last year through diet and walking exercise on a treadmill. I feel so much better now!
But I am still having a problem with just that last bit of tummy chub... It just won't go away!
I would really love to look good in a swimsuit, you know? I am 5 foot 2 in and 128 pounds, and I know I'm not fat anymore. But I have always had that apple shape I would like to be rid of.

Is there anything I can do to tone my stomach and give it a better shape? It's just frustrating that I eat the same ammount as my friends and exercise a whole lot more, and I can still not wear the clothes they look good in.
Thank you

Hi Adriana, Congratulations on your weight loss. If you find that you still have a little belly you might just have a little more weight to lose or it's the residual fat cells still there. When you lose weight, you don't get rid of those fat cells, they just flatten out and hang out ready to plump back up again if you start overeating again. Genetic also plays a role in what shape you have and that you can't change. My suggestion would be to do crunches every day especially those that target the lower abs and see if that helps. Laura Kraemer,Slimkids.com
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