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hypo diet

8/17 9:16:32

I am hypoglycemic and docotr has told me to go on hypoglycemic
diet.But I am unable to find any clinical nutrionist here in India.
Can u send me a list of all the recommended foods which inlcudes
cereals , snacks, vegetables, grain,dinks I can have.

Indian Dietetic Association
Due to strict protocol I am not able to handout diet instruction of this type without working personally with a patient.  A hypoglycemic diet is not simply a list of recommended foods!  It needs to be a personalized diet of what, when and how to eat.  The person below can help you find a dietitian in your area.

Molly Joshi, ICDA Representative
Christian Medical College, Department of Dietetics
Phone: 91-161-266 9640
Fax: 91-161-609 641
Email: mollyjoshi2004@yahoo.com
Total membership:2200

Thank you,
Kim Tessmer, RD LD  
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