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weight gain/loss

8/17 9:16:06

Hi Kimberly,

I've gained five pounds, which is ususual for me as I've maintained the same weight all my adult life. This happened three months after turning 40, but the gain was all at once; not gradual. I had my thyroid tested, since low thyroid runs in my family. It was normal.
I've been doing a combination of jogging/brisk walking/jumping rope/stair stepping for 30 mins.
five days a week for three weeks now. I'm keeping my calories in check (1,200 daily) and I've always eaten sensibly. So far, I haven't lost pounds or inches.
Medication-wise, I take birth control pills, Wellbutrin, and Prozac. But none of them are recent additions.
I thought I was doing everything right.  So why am I not losing weight?

I would love to give you the magic answer but obviously I cannot do that.  Unless I work with someone one-on-one and know exactly what they are doing I really cannot help.  I don't know what you are eating to make up that 1200 calories.  In addition, sometimes people can grossly under estimate calorie intake and be eating foods or drinking beverages that they are not adding correctly.  The other issue is that it has only been 3 weeks.  As we get older it is much tougher to lose so you need to be patient!  All of the meds you mentioned can be a problem when it comes to weight gain but if they are nothing new then it doesn't sound like they are the problem.
Like I said, it is impossible for me to know WHY! The only way I can help someone is to simply work WITH THEM!  I do offer online services.  IF interested check me out: www.Nutrifocus.net.
Kim Tessmer, RD LD
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