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Nutrition for Female Weight Gain

8/17 9:16:00

Hello, there!  
    I am a very fit 25 year-old woman who is wanting (ok, needing) to gain a bit of weight.  I am beginning to cut back on my cardio and am consuming more calories than I previously did.
    I would prefer that the weight I put on go to my chest, hips, and buns rather than anywhere else (specifically my abdomen).  While I realize you can't spot lose, I have not heard about the possibility of spot gaining.  
    Whether or not this is likely, I do wonder about the quality of the nutrients I am adding to my diet.  Since the areas I'm wanting to increase are made up primarily of fat, should I eat more fat as opposed to more carbohydrates or more proteins?  Regardless of the form they come in, are calories just calories and any extra will be stored by the body accordingly?
    I really appreciate your help in these matters.  It is very important to me and I thank you for your time and effort in responding!

Oh eeek, no, fat doesn't (necessarily) make fat; protein doesn't necessarily make muscle and carbs are the first things burned for fuel.

Take a look here for reliable info and an eating plan that will work for healthy weight maintainence, whether you need to gain or lose - and get the myths about food too.

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