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Tired of being HUNGRY!!!

8/17 9:15:55

Hi Susan,
I'm a 25 year-old, 5'3", overweight (approximately 190 lbs) female.  I've been on the anti-inflammatory diet (low-glycemic diet) - which didn't allow for a lot of meat and highly recommended legumes and vegetables.  Could tolerate it, but was pretty darn hungry, ALL THE TIME!  I've been on weight watchers.  After 3 months, I'm STILL hungry, all the time.  I KNOW that in order to lose weight, you have to have more calories expended than you're taking in.  So, I try to exercise - I have a gym membership and try to go 3-5 times a week (30 mins of cardio + 45 minutes of weight training - split body).  But I'm frustrated and feel like something is wrong with me because normal portions don't seem to fill me up.  I'm not burning enough calories working out (because I don't always go 3-5x/wk), and I'm obviously taking too many in.  Am I eating the wrong foods?  I try to focus on limited sugar and fat and high fiber, but my tummy is grumbling!  Please help - any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.  I am extremely frustrated and depressed about my lack of progress and my inability to 'eat normally'.  

HI Jennifer,

I have some suggestions that should help to ease the frustration - which is one of the many things that LOWERS your metabolism.

How you burn calories is not written in stone, it changes with stress, mood, muscle mass, and more.

Going around hungry is the worst thing you can do. It narfs up your metabolism and your appetite. Start eating as soon as you start to feel hungry. No Body can eat too much raw fruit or raw and/or non-starchy vegetables. I don't leave home without some raw nuts in my purse.

Resistance training, weight lifting is best done ONCE A WEEK. You do a 30 minute, non-stop series of wearing out each of 6 muscle groups, 5 minutes per. 5 situps that take a minute each, done once a week is way more effective than 500 a day. The deal is to work for muscles, not ruining your ligaments and tendons.

More on food, etc. at http://www.premiumfuel.com  
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