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Calories or food?

8/17 9:15:50

Everyone says that your body knows how many calories it is consuming and will adjust accordingly, but way back in history, before a calorie, no one knew how much they were consuming and ate a lot of plants.  The plants don't contain very many calories, yet none of them went into "starvation mode".  So I guess my question is, does my body know how many calories I am consuming, or just the amount of food it is getting?  Secondly, should I count calories so I get enough to stay out of starvation mode, but little enough to not gain weight, or just eat a variety of healthy foods and hope I am not eating too little/too much to gain weight/go into starvation?  

Your first line makes no sense to me.

Forget the calories. Focus on the quality of what your eat, and LISTEN to what your body asks for.

Quality is whole grains, fresh produce, maybe a little meat, and food that is raw or cooked only once.

Susan http://www.premiumfuel.com
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