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Protein Requirements

8/17 9:15:45

I am considering a 3 week body detoxification program (Standard Process) where I will be eating vegetables, fruit, 3 shakes a day ( 90 calories each with 10 grams each of protein) along with many suppliments that are supposed to rid the body of toxins built up by bad eating and environmental items. My goal is to start a pattern of illiminating all sugar and refined foods from my diet. I am concerned by the very low protein in this 3 week plan ( after the 3 weeks, you start eating meats, whole grains, fruits & vegetables). Will the low protein be harmful for this period of time? Are you familiar with this program?

HI Debbie,

Please, skip the self abuse/punishment part and just start doing it right. Quit beating yourself up, in the form of reckless to guilt programs and give your bod more credit for running right if you just give it a chance.

Shake the shakes!!! What a load of rot. The stress with these detox dribble produces more tox than they even aim at.

For more on real food vs. flavored packing material, please visit http://www.premiumfuel.com
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