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Eating all the time

8/17 9:15:24

Well i'm 16 years old i eat all the time i get depressed on my weight i am 260 and i would like to loose weight but i dont know where to start or what to eat or how to exercise i know i am only 16 and i'll loose it eventually in my life time but i would like to start now and stick with it but i'm jsut confused like what kind of diet do i do like cholesterol or calories or what can you help me please thank you and appreciate for reading my question and helping me.

Hi Samuel,

Play, also known as exercise, can be anything that gets you breathing hard for a few minutes. Dance to music you like, climb stairs, walk briskly, anything. Get a total of 30 minutes a day, can be 5 minutes x 6, 3 x 10, it all adds up.

Food rules are real simple. Eat as soon as you feel hungry, the sooner the more likely your brain can be consultated in choices, instead of eating the first chewing thing you run into. When you focus on the quality of what you eat, the quantity takes care of itself. When you get what you need, you don't overeat. What you need is in whole grains, fresh produce, a little protein, plain water. What is poison is refined sugar, refined flour, stuff that has been cooked more than once.

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