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fried food

8/17 9:15:13

If canola oil is ok to use, why cannot you use it to fry food in? Does frying change any of its good or bad features, and if so what?


You can use canola oil to fry in, such as fried chicken, etc.  You may even be able to use canola to deep fry if you don't raise the temperature too high (above about 450 degrees Fahrenheit).

Olive oil has a relatively low "smoking point".  This means that olive oil will start to break down and smoke (and taste bad) at temperatures too low to be good for deep frying.

Remember that all oils are FAT (unsaturated, or "good" fat). However, cooking your food in extra, or added, fat, is only going to significantly increase the total calories that you eat.  Eating extra, and often unnecessary, fat is bad for your body weight, even if the unsaturated fat is not bad for your cholesterol level.

We recommend that people avoid fried foods to help them control their weight. We recommend that when you do use oil in your food, you choose an unsaturated fat (plant fat) instead of a saturated fat (animal fat) or trans-fat (margarine or shortening).

I hope this helps.


I hope this helps.

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