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Breast cancer nutrition

8/17 9:14:46

My wife will have breast cancer operation next month. What is the best diet, vitimins, supplements, exercises she can do. How about flax, soy, fish oil as well as vit c, multi vit & diet low in meat & hugh in vegs, fruits. What is your opinion of chlorella and spirulina and alfalfa? Thanks


From all my heart, I wish your wife to get well! A good friend of mine had breast cancer surgery 35 years ago, then 30 years ago -- and now she leads a very active life, working at her 66, walking a lot, swimming, and actually ignoring any diet. However, she eats a lot of fish, which is only natural in Sweden where she lives.

This being said, let me tell you that there's quite a few scientific facts about foods that are good in helping to fight cancer. Here are several articles that can help you to get the idea.

As to your question about chlorella, spirulina, and alfalfa -- my impression (rather than opinion) is that they are good but in the quantities making them prohibitively expensive, while giving very little advantages comparing with regular (but very fresh!) dark green leafy vegetables, cabbage-family vegetables, red beats, seaweeds, etc. You'll find details in the articles below. Finally, supplements seem to be inferior live foods and though many of food properties are not researched enough, there are data that attempts to substitute nutrients by pills to get ALL of the benefits usually fail.


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