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Weekend weight gain: fat or water?

8/17 9:14:45

Hi, i seem to be able to loose weight easily as long as i exercise. I can loose up to 500g per week and can do so constantly as long as i eat healthy and stay away from alcohol. Problem is that when i have just one weekend of no exercise, unhealthy food and beer, i put whatever i have lost over 3-4 weeks back on in just one weekend. Why is this? Is there something i can do to overcome this?


Such fast a weight loss is always water loss. As soon as you start cheating on a weekend, you start retaining water.

To figure out how much FAT you lose/gain, use one of these calculators -- they are free and all you need to  use them is a measuring tape.


Or, download your own excel-based calculator from our online diet plan:

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