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8/17 9:14:35

I have been in recovery from EDNOS for 3.5 weeks now. Lately when I look in the mirror, I see myself at 243 (highest weight). I am actually 195, which I am aware I am still overweight as I am 5'6. I eat about 750-850 calories daily if I am in a good state of mind. 300-700 if not. The urge to purge after eating is rising. I have never gotten treatment for EDNOS. Would that be a good idea? I live in Palmdale, Cali. Are there any outpatient treatment facilities there?

Eating 750-850 calories a day isn't recovery. It sounds like you're also suffering from some degree of BDD (body dysmorphic disorder). I think it's essential you get a physician to evaluate you and refer you to mental health (ED's are psychological disorders).

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There are also options through the eating disorders links
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