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pineapple, other fruits

8/17 9:14:27

I'm 59, menophasel, lazy bowels, resent lung removel limiting my exercise to a fast pace walk 5x/wk., sugar/carb addict, 25lbs. over weight. I was told to limit my fruit to fresh 'p' and 'berry'. Watch drinks containing fruit frutose, just add 100% fruit drink to sparkling water and eat fresh pineapple 3x a day. I eat two slices ea. time. what facts am i dealing with....too much natural sugar?

Hi Bobbi,

There is no comparison between sugar in fresh raw fruit and refined sugar. "100% fruit drink" is a load of garbage. Fruit "drink" is not juice and juice that gets pasteurized - cooked - is shot, the same as refined.

There are quality carbs (whole grains, brown rice, potatoes with skins, etc), and junk carbs, the later are not just flavored packing material that does nothing but add calories, that stuff does damage.

Switch to real food and the addiction (not a joke) to bad carbs goes away in a month, as you notice how much better you feel without the poisons.

Nobody, No Body ever ate too much raw fruit and/or non-starchy vegetables, raw or slightly cooked. You don't get fat on real food, it is eating the empty stuff that keeps you eating.

Susan O
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