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Confused and needs help.

8/17 9:14:27

Well, I weight around 140-146.
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Hello and thanks for taking the time to read this. I eat 1600-2000 calories per day and my weight stays the same, I exercise about an hour per day and lately I've been trying to eat as many vegetables as I can and eat more healthy foods and I don't seem to want more than 1500 calories,I probably only eat 1200 calories per day. I would like to lose weight but the safe way, and when I eat 1500-2000 calories per day and exercise an hour per day. I don't seem to lose weight,(I'm vegetarian,so maybe I'm lacking certain vitamins,could this be the problem of why I can't seem to lose weight? What lack of vitamins cause you to not be able to lose weight? ) How can I lose weight?
Lets start with your caloric intake. How much do you weigh?

Hi Melissa

I'm going to give you information that you can use for the rest of your
life. No matter what fad diet is "IN" this is the truth. Forget about
the way you look for a minute we will get back to that. Your body has 1
goal; SURVIVAL. It's jobs is to protect the brain to continue thought,
so it can function. It does not care how you look, honestly it would
rather be sedentary and obese. Why? because it requires less effort to

Now let's take you for example, you need about 2100-2200
calories per day depending on your activity level. That is just to
function optimally, wake up go to the bathroom ,go through the day and
on and
on till sleep time and the energy it requires to keep you breathing at
night( because you still burn calories while sleeping,maybe not as many
as you do during exercise, but blood circulation and breathing burns it
up). So what happens when you cut calories out? well initially you lose
weight, but then your body adapts to that and says" hey I'll learn to
live off this amount of food". So what does someone do? they cut
calories again, so you lose a little more and your body does it again
faster, and then on top of that it figures "if you keep cutting your
calories I will have to store some of it as FAT for later, in case I
run out
of energy because you decided that you were on "a diet". So now someone
is eating very little
and exercising a lot and not getting results, why cause your body does
not care what you want to look like if you don' t take care of it's
needs first. Plus if you get lean and have some muscle that requires
energy (food) to maintain , even at rest. You see the way your look on
the outside is just a print out of what you are doing on the inside.

So what should you eat very simple, I'll do you a favor, go to one of
my webpages www.Results4Sure.com, go to the contact us page fill in the
blanks and in the comments box type in free e-book, I will send you a
free copy of "the Body Fat Removal System" e-book, it will have all the
info you need.

hope that helps

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