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8/17 9:14:23

My co-worker is cutting off all beverages with calories. She will only drink water. Pop and Starbuck's double chocolate mocha frappacino (700 Calories) are understandable, but she cutting off also nutritious beverages like milk and orange juice. Is my co-worker going to be deficient nutritionally? I told her she can make room in her diet for milk and orange juice, and still maintain healthy body weight.

Hi Amy,

Brace yourself.

Milk removes more calcium than it brings; countries that use more dairy products have the most osteoporosis and vice versa.

Orange juice: unless it is "fresh", that is NOT pasteurized, it is like refined sugar. Not good at all.

Diet sodas stimulate your appetite - people switch from reg sodas to diet sodas and wonder why they GAIN weight.

Water, real food. Nobody can eat too much fresh raw fruit, but you can GAIN weight by not eating enough.

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