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So hungry...

8/17 9:14:14

Hi, my name is Yan and I have a weight issue. Over the last month, I gained ten to twelve pounds. I want to shed those pounds so I joined the gym. These last three days, I went to work out daily and I find myself eating so much. I burn at least 1000 calories a day at the gym from the treadmill and the crossramp.
I find myself eating a ridiculouse amount--that is at least 5000 calories. I don't know why but I find my appetite increasing like crazy. It's craving for bad stuff too. I plan to start over again tomorrow since I've lost track these three days. I really want to shed those pounds and I thought joining the gym would help. Instead it made me eat like crazy and when I don't I get fatigue.
I tried to drink lots of water and eat lots of fruits and vegetables but it does not seem to help.
Please help me...I'm in desperate need to lose that weight but am finding myself gaining fat instead.

Hi Yan,

Eat often, eat as soon as you feel hungry. Add raw nuts to your snacks.

Eating before starving gives your brain a chance to make a smart choice, instead of starvation forcing you to gobble the first chewable thing.

Eat smart, and you will get hooked on real food that leaves you feeling good. For more than 12 minutes.

Eat something before you workout. When you get home, start with hot soup, then a salad without a ton of fat dressing, then have vegetables with a protein item OR a quality carb something (potatoes with skins, whole grain pasta, brown rice...) but never all 3.

NO sodas, lots of plain water.

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