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Weight loss conundrum

8/17 9:14:12

Hello...I am a reasonably healthy young 23 year old who has had a bit of a weight problem my whole life. I don't want to be 102 pounds ever but I'd like to lose a considerable amount of weight because I'm just uncomfortable. I have tried everything from diet and exercise to low carb, low fat, low food, low cal, no cal, and liquid. I don't want to do it anymore. I'm in a real relationship now and I don't want my weight issue to become an issue. PLEASE HELP! oh..here's the question--> How can I lose weight, and keep it off without totally disrupting my life, my economic status, my mood, or my odor, or my relationship!?
Well thank you! sorry it's a bit cumbersome...

Since you've tried them all, and obviously they didn't work or last, I'm glad you're finally ready to quit and do it right.

It's not a matter of a diet - it's a matter of living it!

Check my page and you'll find out how to be your best weight while still eating whatever it is you LIKE. Normal, everyday foods.


It's all free, nothing for sale and no ulterior motives.  
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