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Enough Fat?

8/17 9:14:05

I consider myself to be a very healthy 25 year-old woman.  I am a little over 5'6'', around 115 lbs., have a diet high in fruits, veggies, and whole grains, very low in fat, and exercise very regularly.  Perhaps too regularly.  I have eased up a bit and am now running about 10 miles a week, rollerblading about 13.5 miles a week, doing aerobics about 40 min. a week, and doing weight training about 3 times a week.  I figure I consume about 1,900 calories each day.  My main concern is that my menstration has ceased again.  
  Earlier in the year this happened, and my weight likely dipped below 110.  I gained up to 10 lbs. and started having periods again (2 regular cycles) and have stopped once again.  Are my eating and exercising habits really too stringent and detrimental to my fertility, or are they fine and something else may be to blame?  Others tell me I just need to stop exercising and eat more fat (in other words, gain weight), and while I do want to be fertile and healthy, I don't want to lose the tone and physique I've worked so hard for.  Please help!

Hello Julie!

  Thank you for your nutrition question. I would not suggest stopping the exercise just adding healthy fats to your diet such as avacados and olives.  In order to menstruate you need to have enough body fat for healthy hormone and signaling function. In order for menstruation to return, you need to get sufficient amounts of proteins and healthy fats from fish(tuna,salmon), olive oil, and flaxseed oil which your body needs to restore hormonal function, plus you need enough carbohydrates for energy. You should begin to menstruate again when your body fat levels get back up to a healthy level.  
 I would also suggest trying out Juice Plus which is a whole food supplement made from fresh fruits and vegetalbes, and whole grains. It can be purchased at www.juiceblend.com It can help with bringing your body back into balance in order to  restore menstruation.

For more answers to your nutrition questions check out "Ask the Nutritionists" by George Rapitis at www.authorhouse.com or your favorite bookstore.

-George Rapitis, Bsc. Nutritionist
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