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stomach problems - digestion

8/17 9:14:00

I have a problem with my stomach that doctors were not  able to help me and wanted to ask for your opinion and advice.  They say I may have an IBS or food allergies.  After eating certain foods my stomach bloats and I can feel I have a lot of gas trapped in me.  I have also problem with going to the toilet.  Sometimes stomach bloats so much that I can hardly move and it feels like it抯 gonna explode any second.  In the morning I would often wake up with a terrible headache and it would persist till I finally can pass feces.  Often what I can pass is very small hard bits which don抰 make any difference to my well being.  I have to say another thing that confused a lot the doctors I talked to is that I urinate terribly a lot.  I would often wake up 3 - 4 times a night to go to the toilet.  I have recently made a test and what I made  during a night was exactly 1,5 liter and in the morning I still had to urinate like everyone else. I believe I have enough to drink during the day, at least 2 liters, I still have to go quite often to the toilet but to ensure a better sleep I try not to drink much in the end of the day recently but this doesn抰 seem to be making much difference obviously.
It sometimes feels to me as my body is not really properly keeping fluids and maybe this is the reason why my feces seems very solid.

Please, let me know what do you think may be the real problem behind it and how can I treat it.  My skin condition is poor and it would do with some purifying too.  I can exclude some foods from my diet.  I know for sure that beans, lentils, onions, mushrooms, salads, plums, nectarines, dry fruits, tea, coffee, cocoa and nuts make me react really badly but then there is many other fruits and vegetables, grains or possibly eggs that also seem to cause me a problem.  If I spent a day eating boiled chicken breast I would be all right but what a miserable life it would be.  What I have noticed is that, interestingly, I can eat raw carrot but I would have problem with the boiled one.  Does the cooking process do something to the food that make me react badly and if so what is it and is it common with all the other food which is bad for me?

Firstly ?how can I deal with the not keeping fluid and what can I do about hard feces problem and constipation.   I have to be careful with laxatives as it give me diarrhea.  It抯 ever one way or the other.  I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables so I shouldn抰 have problem with fiber.  In general I think I eat sensibly, a balanced diet rich with white meats, fruits and veggies.

Secondly how can I straighten my stomach.  I had once gastroscopy done and it showed that the wall of the stomach is really inflamed and though I don抰 have an ulcer the doctor said that I have to be really careful because it may lead to it easily. I have also a history of stomach ulcer (dad) stomach cancer (grandma) and liver stomach and liver problems (mum and auntie).  Gosh am I not damned.  Is there any way I could strengthen the stomach and treat both causes and the effects if they happen (bloating gases and constipation).
Additionally I am gaining weight which is also a bit aof my concern.

I am not very rich as I work for the charity so I can not afford expensive medicines.  I tried Kawakawa drink my Maori friends did for me and Kurumecho herb and common mint tea and chamomile but it抯 not very helpful.
I would be really thankful for your advice and help

Looking forward to hearing from you


If you can eat fruits and enjoy them, start adding them with meals and between meals. High water fruits like oranges, melons, berries and so on are best. There's also increased antioxidant power in them. Pears have more fiber than most other fruits.

Increase your whole grains, starting with breakfast. Oatmeal is ideal - or pretty much any cereal that needs cooking. Read the labels (ingredients, not the front of the boxes) and look for "whole grain" or "whole wheat/rye" etc. in the first 2 ingredients or forget it.

Switch from dairy to soy products (preferably low fat).

Increase fatty fish intake, like salmon. You might want to take an Omega-3 supplement or even a cod liver oil supplement (they come in capsules, you won't taste anything). These are pretty inexpensive.

For an outline of choices to make in your diet (without dieting or buying products) check

It's all free.  Good luck and stick with your efforts.  
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