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Bingeing, craving, and metabolism

8/17 9:13:40

hey there. i binged two days in a row... will this jump-start my metabolism and will i be okay if i start correcting it tomorrow? thanks... i have not been giving it what it wants recently, so i lost 5 pounds, but my cravings attacked. so i will need a new diet plan! but before that, i need to know just how much damage i REALLY did :). Thanks

Hi Shannon,

To answer, I need to know quite a few things about you: your age, body weigh/height, what you eat, how you exercise, what you crave, what you've binged on, etc.

Alternatively, take a look at our complete (and free) online diet at:


Don't hesitate asking me further questions after you read more about it.

= TZ
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