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I am writing regarding a problem that I am having with my weight

8/17 9:13:39

I am writing regarding a problem that I am having with my weight.  I have
always struggled with my weight and it seems that as soon as I have gone off a
strictly regimented diet and work out program the weight flies back on?bigger and
better than ever before.

I joined weight watchers years ago and had success, but then life got busy and I
made excuses and stopped going to meetings.  I do not feel that I ate in excess when
I stopped going, but my body apparently did, because I gained all but 5 of the
pounds back that I originally lost.

Now I am back at Weight Watchers. Since joining at the beginning of September I have
gained 13.4 pounds.  This is while sticking to the program and working out.

I went to a doctor and got lab tests done that showed there is nothing physically
wrong with me?except I am fat.  

I am keeping track of EVERYTHING I put in my mouth by measuring it and writing it
down. I am getting at least 5 fruits and/or veggies a day.  I am getting 2-3 dairy
servings a day. I am eating 2 tablespoons of healthy oil (olive oil) a day. I am
drinking roughly 96 ounces of water a day. I get up at 4 in the morning so that I
can get on the treadmill for 20-45 minutes every morning?I take more walks thru
out the day?I lift weights 3 days a week (yes, I understand this puts on
muscle?but eventually it is supposed to even out and you start losing something.)
I am eating every 2-3 hours in small portions? 

And it seems as though no one (especially the doctors) has any time to tell me
anything other than 揥ell, that is what happens as we get older.? Or 慪ou
just need to exercise more and eat less.?  Okay, well I don抰 really have the
time to spend 2-3 hours working out every day and that would be over training
anyways.  And eating less would be detrimental to my body since I am working out.  I
am not taking in too many calories or too few so that certainly isn抰 the problem.

So if it isn抰 something wrong with my body, and it isn抰 something wrong with
what I am doing?   then what IS the problem?!


You are not alone! Weight Watchers is a very successful program but only as long as you  stick with it, support being one of the crucial aspects.

Luckily, this is not the only successful program out there. What's more, many people eventually find it getting less effective as time passes -- and as they age, yes!

What to do?

1. Eating every 2-3 hours in small portions is also not the only good eating plan. In fact, recent research showed no supportive evidence that it invariably works. The so called intermittent fasting a.k.a. "A Meal a Day" diet or The Warrior Diet, works wonders including slowing the rage at which you age (see links below the answer).

2. The 2 tablespoons of healthy oil might be not enough to help "burning out" the carbs in 5 fruit servings a day. This way, you might be getting too much (for you) of carbohydrates. Also, less total fat is shown to lower your need for calories. Atkins dieters were able to consume 300 extra Calories a day and still lose more weight than the control, low fat group in a clinical study.

3. Getting up at 4 in the morning (no matter for what good reason) might rob your body of sleep, which is so needed for weight loss.

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