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Help on losing few pounds please!

8/17 9:13:32

im 17 5"6 and am currently at 9stone and 3-4pounds i think?
i dont know as it seems to be gradually creeping up lately
since i overendulged at christmas on lotsa chocolate.
i was 9stone exactly, and never had a problem keeping my
weight at that, but now its getting me down because no
matter what i eat or cut out it keeps fluctuating!
i just wana get back down to 9stone
im on the pill and have been for 5months so im dont think
that has anything to do with it but i just need to have a
blatent food plan made for me or at least some ideas of
what to eat and how much for a healthy diet.
i get at least 5 fruit and veg a day and drink 2litres of
water and walk a mile to school everyday and get 1-2
hourly tap and ballet dancing seesions a week.
my problem is i snack alot, usually on things like cereal etc and get hungry alot and often
not usually sweets and chocolate!
i just need a point in the right direction of a decent
healthy eating plan that i can stick to, has variation and
keeps the weight off!
sorry that that is actually a very long question..i just
dont know what to do..
please Help!

Hi Sara, Because you are so active, it should be easy to lose a few pounds. Accept the fact you will have to cut out snacking for a month or two. Continue with your fruits and vegetables, and try to add some protein to your diet in the form or poultry, lean meats, fish, eggs, and pork. This protein will help jump start your metabolism. If you can count calories, try to stay around 1500-1800 per day for a 1-2 pound weight loss per week. Hope that helps, Laura Kraemer,Slimkids.com
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