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Alcohol and calories

8/17 9:13:23

How do alchohol calories play a role in ones physiology.  It seems to me that counting calories can be somewhat useful but I wonder if calories counted from one substance might burn faster than calories counted from another.  So, if you had two things that were equal in "calories", like alchohol and sugar, would one burn faster than the other, or something like that.  I work in a restaurant and people often ask about calories in there drinks and I wonder if you had a bourbon and coke, would the calories in the coke take more energy to burn than the calories in the alchohol.  What are your thoughts.



Though alcohol is very high in calories, the body seems to metabolize them differently. First of all, as in the case of sugar, these are

'empty calories' because the products doesn't deliver anything but energy.

Another thing is, alcohol's wastes is being removed from the body only through the liver and in this process, certain harm's don't to the

body so alcohol calories are not only empty but also harmful calories.

You might want to read details including the amount of exercise needed to get rid of alcohol calories:

Did you know that though absolutely anti-nutritious, alcohol has calories and a lot of them?

= TZ
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