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Kids Slow Metalbolism

8/17 9:13:18

My daughter is 8 years old.  Her pediatrician says she is overweight and she has a slow metabolism.  I don't feed her anything but healthy foods and have her involved in every school activity, sport that there is.  Is there anything natural I can give her to boost up the metabolism.  She is a very strong girl, happy, smart.  I'm afraid her weight will start to affect her self-esteem.  

There is no reason to say she has a slow metabolism unless she has had her thyroid checked and there is a problem!!  If she has not had that checked maybe you should look into it.  Otherwise that is really just a guess your doc is taking as to why she is "overweight".  I would not recommend any type of supplement or anything of that nature.  There is nothing completely natural and safe that you can give her.  
I would suggest taking her to see a dietitian in your area that specializes in pediatrics!  She can take a deeper look into exactly what and how much your daughter is eating, how much she actually needs, how much exercise, etc...  She can work with both you and your daughter to get her to a healthy weight.  
I wouldn't take that answer from your doctor because it really isn't one!  Take action and find a dietitian to work with.  You want to take care of this problem NOW before it does start to effect other areas of her life.  What you both learn from a dietitian will stick with you for the rest of your lives.  It would be a good investment and something positive you can do for her!
You can find a dietitian in your area at www.eatright.org or ask your pediatrician for a referral to one.
Kim Tessmer, RD LD

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