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essential amino acids

8/17 9:13:16

there are 19 amino acids which are compounded in the body to create protein. 11 of them the body produced. but 8 of them the body can not produce them so we should obtain them from food. they are called essential amino acids. if one of them is missed or with very small quantity(except in Tryptophan which is  in very small amount in every food. though i suppose  Tryptophan can compounds with the others to obtain sufficient complete protein ) the body can not compound  protein. when eating meat fish or dairy. there is no problem of the all 8 essential amino acid. the problem is at the vegetarians. never have in one food the all 8 essential amino acids for instance if i eat only cereal all the day there will be only 7 essential amino acids but not 8. if just one of the essential amino acids is missed the body can not compound protein from that food. the same if we eat all the day only legume. but if we eat in the same day  cereal and legume(not must be in the same meal)the legume complete the missing essential amino acid in the cereal and the cereal complete the missing of the essential amino acid in the legume. the question is how much cereal and how much legume should i eat in one day for have complete protein. the formula of how much protein i should obtain from food is 0.8*body mass= protein grams. so if my body mass is 90 kilograms i should have everyday:  90*0.8=72 gram protein. but i also do exercises(walking 6 days a week 6 kilometers everyday)so i know that i should increase my intake of protein. peanuts are legume and it have 26 gram protein in 100 grams of peanuts. rice is cereal and have only 8 grams of protein in 100 gram rice. what quantity of complete protein i obtain from this combination? . i  summed the protein i obtain from the food i eat everyday and saw that i obtain 89 gram protein(vegetables 4.4 gram, fruit 2 grams,chickpea 10 grams,cheese 7.4 grams,fish 12 grams, 1 role 6 grams, rice 10 grams,sardine 12 grams, peanuts 26 grams)according to what i described above is it alight my nutrition when talking about complete(pure) protein? or what  should i change for obtaining sufficient daily complete protein?

Dear Eli,

You know your numbers so well that I cannot get your question or, rather, what you expect me to answer. You do know the requirements and you do know your intakes - so why wouldn't you put two and two together?

Let me put it this way. How do you think wild animals and the  majority of HEALTHY people, even elite athletes, go about this type of calculations? I can tell you how: they just don't. My philosophy -- supported by years of dealing with human health and performance including scientific information about the subject -- tells me that the body can take a better care of itself than you thought it could.

Unless you have some very specific purpose in mind that you are not telling me about.

= TZ
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