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harder to lose weight

8/17 9:13:05

three years ago i went on an raw food diet and lost thirty pounds. somehow i got off track and gained back all the wieght in a short period of time but i did not stop exrcising. (i still exercised bu i didn't eat healthy.) now i find it really hard to resist the cravings cs' i can easily eat 4000 calories or more a day. i need to lose the weight i gained but is my metabolism really messed up this time that i will be unable to lose weight again. if i went back to raw, can i lose weight again?

Hi Emi - I'm sorry it took so long to get back to you, but we've had a computer meltdown on my end - requiring a whole new system. Back up and running now.

I'd like you to stop blaming yourself for re-gaining the weight. One of the lesser known facts (really 'FACT') is that more than 95% of all diets will result in not only re-gain of all weight lost, but 20% MORE!

This is why chronic or habitual dieters are often the ones who are the most overweight.  I know - I've been there!

The raw food diet, as with nearly ALL other diets, may seem like they employ different techniques, but when evaluated overall - know what they ALL have in common? A lower overall calorie count. The rest is just gimmick.

You know how to avoid cravings? By giving into them! If you crave something sweet - have it. Eventually you'll learn how to control the portion size of that 'treat' rather than binge wildly.
Do not go back to the dieting (of ANY kind) or you really will mess yourself up and end up heavier and heavier every time you go off it.

I don't have nearly enough room here to list exactly how to eat and what to eat, but I put it on my page.  YOU make the choices depending on what you like.  For example, a whole grain breakfast (very important) can be Cheerios, Life, Shredded Wheat bites (even the frosted kind) or any flavored oatmeal. NO cereal bars, NO granola bars, NO nonsense.  In fact, you'll probably find yourself eating more than ever - yet I promise you - the weight will amazingly fall off.

Take a look and let me know what you think, or if you have any other questions.  I'll support you through this all the way!  www.GetTheReal.info  (click on the scales when you're there)  
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