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Organic foods

8/17 9:13:00


I recently discovered a WHOLE FOODS organic store in my area.  I am a 22 year old college student and I found this store interesting, yet expensive.  I have NO IDEA if there is a huge, or very little difference in organic foods vs traditional grocery food.  I am asking advice in the most cost effective healthy food you would suggest.  More or less, I would like to know what foods I absolutely should buy organic, and which foods I can actually get by a bit cheaper and not matter that much. THANK YOU!

Hi Eric,

Also known as Whole Paycheck, I shop at Trader Joe's and local farmer's markets. Whole Foods has way too much stuff with refined sugar and refined flour in it, and the produce looks perfect. Give me some with a couple dents or spots at a reasonal price. And some more flavor.

Eating fresh produce is first, if you have to wait until you graduate for organic, okay. Wash produce thorougly, in warm water.

I don't do milk (  http://www.notmilk.com   ) or much meat, which would be better organic to avoid the hormones.

Organic is getting more popular and cheaper. Stay tuned for further developments.

Susan O. http:/www.premiumfuel.com
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