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Glycemic Index versus Glycemic Load

8/17 9:12:55

Please let me know what is important GI Index or GI Load for hypoglycemic diet.
What should be the permissible levelof GI Load for hypo patients.

Dear Arvind,

Glycemic Index (GI) describes food qualities based on how quickly carbohydrates in them enter the bloodstream. The simple carbohydrates and foods rich in them have high GI, while foods high in complex carbs, e.g. broccoli, enter the blood much slower. So, GI describes "how fast" unlike the Glycemic Load (GL) that describes "how much" of carbs from a certain serving of a concrete food will get into the blood.

From this, you can see that GL is a more precise measurement taking into account a food鈥檚 GI AND the its amount at a particular meal.

If by "hypo" you mean hypoglycemic people, only a doctor can  give such a recommendation basing on individual's test results.

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= TZ
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