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lossing wieght

8/17 9:12:44

How can we lose not to fast but fast enough and do you have any exercise moves and food recipes.

Hi Shaylia. Your own genetic make up will ultimately determine how fast you can HEALTHILY lose the excess fat. The fastest and most proven way to do this is by balancing your meals to include lean proein (fish and chicken, or soy) complex carbohydrates (vegetables and whole grains) and good fats ( fish oils/olive/plain nuts and seeds). But hold on...it get's more complicated. You must know the amount required by your own body. Each person is difficult. Then, try using this principle in smoothies or shakes. They are the absolute best way forward. For some great information and a personalised protein calculation go to http://thinkslimntrim.org
It's a free service and one where you'll get a lot of great information.
I'll keep the exercise simple- a weighted squat will burn more calories than practically any other movement. Please consult with either myself or another trained professional before starting.
As for food recipies- I can recommend an excelent book -'Health Defence Cookbook' by Portia Spooner and Dr Paul Clayton. It contains lots of simple to make, yet delicious receipies. Also, any smoothie recipies. Have a look on Amazon.
Best of luck with your journey and do get back to me with your results.
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