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Am I getting enough nutrition with this allergy-free diet?

8/17 9:12:19

QUESTION: Long story short: for 10 years I've been dealing with chronic hives, migraines, sinus problems, chronic coughing, vomiting frothy clear sputum, etc. I've always sensed it was food related and I recently took a blood test for food intolerance (www.ALCAT.COM). Between the results from that and constant internet research, I have come to the clear conclusion that I have Salicylate Sensitivity.

I need to know if the following diet of these foods is enough for me to survive with sufficient nutritional value for strength and health. So far when I eat just these foods, my skin clears up, and I feel my old self return within days after 10 years of endless horrible symptoms.

Thank you!!

Brown mixed rice with pure Irish butter and sea salt with minerals, celery, bananas, romaine & head lettuce with lemon, plain chicken breast with squeezed lemon, black eyed peas with sea salt, cashews salted, very little bread, very little grapefruit, string beans, snap peas and not much else. I hope I can discover more foods I can eat since some of the foods on the Salicylate Sensitivity lists I read still give me issues.
ANSWER: It appears that you have developed a good, nutrious meal plan that works for your allergies.  It contains adequate amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.  I wish that my clients ate this well.  Although your diet looks good, a multivitamin supplement might be a good addition to make certain that you get enough micronutrients.

Thanks for your question, Vicky.  I hope that my answer helps you.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Is it possible to have Salicylate Sensitivity and still be able to use Alka Seltzer Cold Plus without any obvious effects?

Also, can a person get Salicylate Sensitivity in their 20's or are you only born with it?

Can a person have chronic hives from Gerd/acid reflux.

Other than Post Nasal Drip, what else could cause a very salty clear spit/ropey slime to be vomited?
ANSWER: Because Salicylate Sensitivity is not an allergy but a reaction to too much salicylate, you might be able to take salicylate-containing medications with no problems while you on your diet.  For the same reason, a child or an adult can show signs of the sensitivity, depending on the amount of salicylate foods in their diet.

I haven't heard of hives from GERD but they are a symptom of salicylate sensitivity.

I can't think of anything other than post-nasal drip for the clear, ropy slime. Unfortunately, I have that same problem during pollen season.

Thanks for the question, Vicky.  I hope my answer helped you out.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: If I may ask you another question, please, as I am so desperate trying to figure my life out here..

Can a person with Salicylate intolerance that's so severe everything affects them (as noted in my first question) eventually "empty their Salicylate bucket" so to speak through a very strict diet so that they can eventually enjoy things like wine and other foods in moderation one day again? Or is it more like, once it's ruined, it's too late?

I don't believe that the sensitivity will change even after following a strict diet.  It appears from my research that this condition is pretty much determined at the genetic level.  I may be wrong but it certainly seems that way.  The best way to judge is to try it out.  You're doing the diet now so perhaps you can try enjoying small quantities of the foods after 6 months or so.

Thanks again, Vicky.  I hope that my answer clears things up for you.
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