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8/17 9:12:15

Hi, have you ever heard of a dietary supplement called thin &slim naturally? I have five friends that are taking it and are losing weight alot faster than those of us not taking it. For eight weeks I have really watched what I ate and have excerised daily and have only lost two pounds and maybe one inch. I am a pretty healthy eatier most of the time so I dont know what else to do. I am not over weight I just have 10 or 15 pounds that I really need to lose. It has kinda just stayed on after I had the kids. Thin and slim has ephedrine in it, would it help me lose weight and how bad is it for you? I know it is not good to use pills for weight lose but I dont know what else to do. I just need a little jump start. please help thanks jackie

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this supplement.  The ephedra is dangerous when used over a long period or if the dosage level is too high. People have died from ephedra products so that is a really good reason to avoid them.

The supplement also contains caffeine and aspirin.  These aren't good for you on a long-term basis either.  Caffeine is bad for your kidneys and aspirin can cause stomach problems.

There are other ways to drop the weight without these nasty pills and the weight will stay off longer.  Drinking more water is one of them.  It helps you feel fuller and it helps your body burn fat.

I teach e-classes on melting away fat, boosting your energy, and feeling better overall.  The class is called 'The Answer's Right Under Your Nose.'  You can find out more about it at my website - www.JerryRyanPhD.com under the Personal Coaching section.

Thanks for the question, Jackie.  I hope that my answer gave you some help.
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