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Bones and Muscles

8/17 9:12:01

Dear Expert,
Good Day!
I would like to get your help to learn
"How to get the mass mascles"
揌ow to increase the Bone Density?br> I am 22 (male) and have started running as exercise form the last 15 days but I am feeling my legs stressed (somewhat tiredness and pain in the legs).
I think my all bones (including teeth) are suffering the same problem(less bone density).
What diet should I take to overcome this all. However, I am taking milk regularly.
Also please advise what causes of less density of bones are.  I think masturbation is the main cause as I am masturbating from the age of 14.  As due to masturbation much Protein is wasted in shape of semen so I am facing the deficiency of Protein. Am I right?
Yours truly,

Hi Rizwan, you have a few different issues here so I'll begin first with your question on how to increase muscle mass.   Although running will cause some increase in your muscle mass, it is not the exercise of first choice that a 22 year old male would select for the most rapid muscle mass.   You best choice would be weightlifting, and you might want to consider short distance, high intensity sprinting (which would develop your legs more like a sprinters, rather than wiry like long distance runners).  Second, your diet needs some attention-- you need to make sure that you are eating enough calories for your age , gender and activity level--in your case, no less than 2500 calories per day.  Also make sure that you are getting adequate protein intake of at least 1 g protein per lb of bodyweight.   Don't forget about including regular servings of complex carbohydrates in small servings (25-45 g per serving) throughout the day 3-5 servings per day.  Drink at least  half a gallon of water per day to accomodate the protein, and sweat loss during exercise.
Bone density will increase from weight training or resistance training, most forms of aerobic exercise, eating a healthy diet with increased protein intake as well as overall calorie intake.  
Masturbation has nothing to do with bone density.  Yes, semen does contain small amts of protein, sugars, minerals, etc, but this amt is so negligible.  The protein in semen is produced in the bulbourethral gland, which is specifically created for the purpose of neutralizing and lubricating the urinary tract and urethra, not for building your muscle mass.
As far as your pain in your legs, if you have no prior history of exercise, and you suddenly began running for 15 days, you probably have a case of shin splints (anterior or posterior tibialis strain) in your calves, which is basically microtears in the those muscles from the shearing forces and strain of running in a deconditioned person (someone who has not exercised before).  If you are having pains elsewhere in your body, again, it is due to being deconditioned, and your nervous system is overtaxed with this sudden exercise---basically it sounds like you are doing too much, too soon.   
I suggest you pick up a good fitness magazine like Men's Health, and read it cover to cover---they have great info for exercises, diet to increase muscle mass.  
Factors that are associated with  decreased bone density include:
sedentary lifestyle
increased age (over 35 yrs)
menopausal women (esp.>55yrs)
low protein/calcium diet
calorie deficient diet
european/caucausion descent
low body weight/decreased muscle mass
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