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8/17 9:11:59

What is a good amount of fiber to have in your diet? and if you eat to much of it would that cause constipation? Cause i don't know if i am maybe getting to much or to little or could be something else but i just have difficulties going now a days. Sorry if i gave you to much information it just is uncomfortable for me and want to solve it. Thanks

he USDA recommends about about 14 grams of fiber per 1000 calories you consume.

Fiber can help as it is very unlikely to be stored as fat, keeps your body feeling "full", slows down digestion of other foods and is highly effective in the prevention of some cancers.

Try eating more vegetables, fruits, and whole grain products to reach your recommended quota of fiber. You probably don't need to supplement, but if you are struggling to eat less refined food, some metamucil or other fiber supplement can help.

Also, don't suddenly double your fiber quota overnight. Otherwise it'll probably irritate your digestive system and you'll be spending more time on the toilet than doing anything else.

Keep track of your fiber for a day or two and see where you stand. Then start adding a few additional grams every day or so. Again, don't go nuts on fiber. Too much of a good thing in this case, is not smart.

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-George Rapitis. Bsc. Nutritionist
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