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low-carb, low-salt diet

8/17 9:11:15

I am 70 yrs old and have been advised by my doctor to do low-carb and low-salt eating.  I am not having too much trouble with the low-salt but the low-carb eating is difficult.  I don't know how many carbs I should be eating in a day, the doctor didn't tell me.  I am short 5 ft. 1 inch and weigh 196 lbs.  I really am having difficulty with the sweets and breads.  I know most meats have no carbs but  my cholesterol is not as good as it should be and so I need to watch that.  Any suggestions on the amt of carbs and any  good recipe books?  Thanks.

Hello Linda,
I applaud your doctor for pointing you toward low carb eating.  This has been my own route to weight loss, to more energy, and a greater feeling of being healthy.

I suggest a carb limit of 16 to 30 carbs a day.  There have been several studies that show that weight loss will proceed under 50 carbs a day.  My own feeling is to have slower weight loss and to enjoy life...and, I have noticed that if I strive for 30 carbs a day, that I may go over this but not by enough to curtail the weight loss.

You may be having a difficult time with the breads and sweets because of a yeast infection, which is estimated to affect more than 50% of the female population.  Yeast infections start from a long course of anti-biotics, or from using birth control pills, or a diet of unnatural foods, or mercury fillings.  The traditional medical community mostly tells us that yeast infections do not exist or they treat them with a drug.  I do not advise drug treatment for a yeast infection.

If you have a yeast infection, you will have a longer, more difficult time parting with the sweets and breads because the yeast crave and feed on sugars.   I strongly advise you to research "yeast infection" or "candida" on the internet, where you will find the list of foods to avoid.... among these are all sugars, fruits, dairy, and some nuts.

Any low carb cook book will be of help if you choose recipes that avoid the foods above.  Also, research "prebiotic" and "probiotic" foods such as yogurt and SweetPefection.... (a sweetener produced by the company I manage, www.lowcarbspecialties.com)... another good sweetener is stevia... but most find it has a lingering and bad after taste.

My best advice is to follow the course you have chosen, and to make it as pleasureable for yourself as you can.  This method will give you the life you want for as long as you make low-carb natural eating the way you eat for life.

Mary Jo
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