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Raw Cabbage Soup Diet

8/17 9:11:11


I am making Cabbage Soup Diet (I know it is not healthy on long term), but my question if I eat raw (un-cooked) cabbage instead of eating its soup, will it give me the same results , and how much cabbage I should eat...?!
as I like to eat un-cooked cabbage more than the soup

Thank you in advance

Dear Mr.Fast,

Theoretically, raw cabbage should work even better than cooked one since the calories in it are less readily available for digestion. I suspect that you will not be able to eat all the cabbage "allowance" because cabbage has very low energy density and your body judge when you should feel full by volume rather than by anything else.

Suggested reading:

The Cabbage Soup Diet's idea is pretty much the same as the catabolic diet or negative calorie diet...

Cabbage Soup Diet: Research Shows Health Benefits of Cabbage.

OR, take a look at the Cabbage Soup Diet alternative:

Low-Fat Low-Carb Negative Calorie Rotation Diet

= TZ
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