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Cabbage Soup Diet

8/17 9:11:08


I am making Cabbage Soup Diet (I know it is not healthy on long term), but my question if I eat raw (un-cooked) cabbage instead of eating its soup, will it give me the same results , and how much cabbage I should eat...?!
as I like to eat un-cooked cabbage more than the soup

Thank you in advance

Hello Mr. Fast,
Thanks for your question.
Please re-consider the Cabbage Soup Diet for the following reasons:
a) you already know that this is "not healthy on the long term"
b) doing a "diet" perpetuates the conversation with yourself that you need to do something short term so that you can "Lose some weight" ... get to be skinny and happy and then "eat whatever you want."

In my experience, this will not get you what you want and will even pull you back a few steps.

Consider that cabbage is a very healthy food.  It has lots of anti-oxidents, vegetable fiber and is a low glycemic index food.  It has no protein value, but overall, it is a good food choice.  If you were choosing cabbage because you honest to Goodness just loved it, well, whoopppeee... this would not be a diet after all, but a conscious food choice for your better health.  Your conversation with this topic would be different... it would be long-term because it is a food that you love.  That is the conversation we are seeking... to find foods that we love and which also fit a healthy-ful way of life.  My personal preference on this is high protein, low carb, low glycemic index, high fiber, all natural, no artificial sweeteners.

About whether to eat cabbage raw or cooked.... truly, I do not know.  Ayurvedic medicine, based on the medical care concepts of India, says that we need to eat cooked food at every meal.  Raw foodists say that all the nutrition is lost once the food is heated.  For me, it does not matter.  I think cabbage is a healthy food no matter how you eat it and I eat cabbage both cooked and raw.   If this ever became an issue for me, I would muscle test the food to determine the best method of consumption.

On the question of quantity... how much cabbage should you eat?  The answer to this depends on you.  Eat until you are full and then stop eating.  If you need another serving, be conscious of serving yourself again (not that needing more food is bad or wrong, but by noticing that you need another serving and to watch yourself take care of your needs).

The theme of this answer is "take care of yourself" and the weight will fall away.  The more you try to lose weight, the less likely this is to occur.  The more important conversation is to honor yourself and to take good care of yourself.

Mary Jo
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