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Body balance

8/17 9:10:56

Hi, and thank you for the website. I work in a catering business and I eat all day. I usually only snack, but sometimes I can eat a large meal and be hungry an hour later.However, it seems as though I am always eating something. I also eat near bedtime. However, I do not seem to gain weight. Are there certain body types that can eat all day and not gain weight? Also, if I continue this habit will the weight catch up to me as I get older? Thank you very much. I'm  male, 26, 5'8, 150 lbs.

Dear Andrew,

Generally, cutting down on carbohydrates helps to better control eating and appetite. On the other hand, if your weight control is good, why worry? Yes, the types "that can eat all day and not gain weight" do exist. You could figure out your own body type but it would take a lot of tests, which doctors will probably resist prescribing because you are OK.

For example, your skin temperature can be slightly higher than average and this only can explain eating up to 300 extra Cal. every day and not gaining weight...

If you wish to start "watchful waiting" to notice when/if your good body balance stops being so good, I suggest that you calculate your body fat percent rather than weight. Just visit:

Hope it helps,

= TZ
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